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Amanzi Oasis Inc. is a drilling Company with more than 30-year drilling experience distributed across its main team. We are locally grown company aimed at providing sustainable solutions to solve problems arising in a wide range of areas including water distribution and shortages of supply in both domestic and industries. Our extensive experience allows us to offer some of the most reliable water well drilling services in Zimbabwe. With the combination of experience and technology, Amanzi Oasis has archived the highest industry success rate in drilling.

Our range of service cut across borehole siting, drilling, plumbing, water deliveries, water bottling and water chemicals. We take pride in our work; it also means we always uphold the highest standards and strive for successful results for our clients.

Our Services

Our domestic drilling customers include residents, developers, and municipalities, regardless of the size, you can always expect high quality services, on-time completion and attention to safety with each project. Our services and products have been carefully selected in order to bring our customers an exceptional choice at competitive prices.

Our customers no longer have to spend hour on sourcing and the logistics involved in fetching water from distant places as Amanzi Oasis brings them to your doorstep affordably. Amanzi Oasis holds a substantial equipment and technology, which allows us to able service our clients without delay.

Our Services

Amanzi Oasis does consultation on the following drilling and water solutions.

Borehole Drilling

Hydrogeological survey
Drill rig drilling
Well hole lining
Well screening

Post drilling
Water pump installation
Pump test
Well disinfection
Well monitoring

Water Deliveries

Amanzi Oasis makes water available at your door step by delivering in any quantity for an affordable fee. Customers buy monthly, daily long-term shipments of water, rent or buy water coolers and dispersion devices, and place special orders for water for one-off parties, large gatherings, and celebrations, such as weddings or corporate seminars.

Water Bottling

With purifi ed, distilled, or natural spring water, Amanzi Oasis will supply customers with ample hydration. We also bring convenience to our customers with bottled waters since we offer the distinct advantage of it being portable, providing an easy way to stay hydrated throughout the day in every circumstance. Amanzi Oasis offers the ultimate in consumer choice by providing a wide range of sizes and formats.


Amanzi Oasis install all the series of pipes and fi xtures that both provide a clean water supply to buildings from the borehole.

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